Al Compás de Mis Recuerdos

Al Compas De Mis Recuerdos album cover

Chillin’ with my lady

Al Compas De Mis Recuerdos album cover detail

Daddy Cool

Al Compas De Mis Recuerdos album cover lady detail

Miss Machu Picchu

This is loaded. I could talk about this photo for hours. It is filled with “stuff” and yet so sublime. It’s probably one of the best photos ever taken. I can’t even poke fun at this record cover out of reverence for what it represents.

I learned some basic Spanish from listening to the local radio. Traffic reports are easy to decrypt, news is generally simple too. That’s all brute-force code cracking compared with poetic sensibility needed to translate this title. “Al Compás de Mis Recuerdos” could be something like “Navigating My Memories.”

There is this mustached dude reclined in the best lazy boy of his day thinking about the better days past. A stiff drink in one hand and a cigarette pointing to the sky in the other hand, does he not realize that his present day is way better than the romantic past he is daydreaming about? He’s got a watch, an ashtray, a pair of pretty sweet loafers, rare vintage vinyl and a fantastic photo wallpaper of Machu Picchu to look at. Then there is a hot babe at his feet and some color magazines behind her in case she turns out to be a bore. Everything is within our man’s reach and he’s still not complacent. Maybe these material comforts, this record player, this Inca motif rug and the porcelain llama, this chick, this (presumably) twelfth floor apartment with curtains, and a vintage 1967 Corolla parked outside of it are all meaningless to him. Chin up, he’s dreaming of memories he’s never had. Recalling events never lived.

If someone dropped me off at his place I’d feel like at home. It’s like I’ve been there. I’d know where the bathroom is and which of the unmarked faucets releases hot water. I’d know which kitchen cabinet holds glasses and which parquet boards to avoid for squeaks.

This is a great Peruvian record. I’m not familiar with names of the various styles represented but it really sounds good. It’s probably similar to the music that inspires Las Rubias del Norte. Oh, yes, for more information you can write to Industrial Sono Radio, S.A., Av. Rep de Panamá 1427 – Balconcillo, Lima, Perú. Telephone 329065.

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