Baba’s Favorites

Al Compas De Mis Recuerdos album coverDon’t even try to make fun of this one. It’s sublime. I know what they are trying to convey here. It may be Peru but it feels to me just like the old country once did.
The Bootles is the best Beatles tribute band by far. But do they look funny.The Bootles come from Bulgaria instead of Liverpool. Everything about this record feels flimsy. The paper stock, the print job, the vinyl. But the music is solid. They sound every bit as good as the real thing.
Lindomar CastilhoMr. Monobrow is one of Brazilian most beloved singers. He’s not nearly as known in the northern hemisphere. Maybe it’s because his grooming is repulsive.
Bappi Lahiri rare audio tapeBappi is one of India’s most prolific composers of popular tunes. He has scored probably no fewer than 300 films. The music on this tape is too much for words. I have some samples for you to hear.
Serbian Mexican music vintage record cover.For some odd reason mariachi music was popular in the former Yugoslavia in the 60s. It was known under a misnomer “Spanish songs.” Well, there’s nothing Spanish about these three Serbian dudes in sombreros.
Negro candyThis here is “Negro” candy. Is this a nefarious attempt to influence kids or simply a cultural misunderstanding?