Peasant Rockers

rokeri s moravu i kukuruz

From fields to stage in under 8 seconds

Rokeri s Moravu (Morava’s Rockers) are not just another Eastern European metal band. They are lot more than that. These dudes traded tractors for guitars and a field cultivator for a drum set. They used a grain silo for an echo chamber on their first record. John Deere would be proud of them. Farming is not my thing.

The hats are traditional for the region of Serbia where their abandoned land remains untilled. The Moravan rockers have been very successful at cutting grooves in vinyl instead of soil. The yield from entertainment business is much higher than what even the meanest Monsanto seeds can produce. Crossing over from an unrelated industry to the world of music is not uncommon. The members of UB40 were all unemployed prior to forming a musical ensemble. Songwriter John Ashcroft has successfully bridged the worlds of politics, music and proselytizing. Where’s the “wall of separation” when you need one? While at it, please make it 100% soundproof.

The Morava region of Serbia is also well known for gross language violations. The name of the band is really not Morava’s Rockers but something like Rockers Morava Of. There are several awesome tunes on this record. “Seks na eks” is one of them. It means “Sex Bottoms Up” (as in drinking salute). “Frogs a’ Croakin'” is good too. I am particularly fond of “Mister drajver” or “Mister Driver.” You can listen to the beginning of this 133 bpm track here.

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