Blowing Sax in Speedos

Fela Kuti in Speedos

Blowing sax in the nude.

Fela Kuti's monkey

Monkeying with the cables.

This guy is just too good for these humble pages. Fela is a giant whose music sounds just as fresh thirty years after it was recorded. You can read more about his fascinating musical and political career at

This is a great record no doubt. But the cover photo… If you follow the electrical cable to the left you’ll see two monkeys getting ready to chew the last Volt out of the power line. Oblivious to the imminent electrocution barefoot Fela is playing his sax and getting ready for the stage. Did he play concerts wearing speedos only? You bet.

To offset Fela’s partial nudity is a fashionable pot smoking man to the right. And than there are the faces of Nigerian people staring at their hero through a metal gate. A great scene.

Listen to a sample of one of his tracks.

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