Rob & Fab

Raw and untamed -- Rob & Fab are the Nubian gods of popRob & Fab pretend singinglipsincingRob & Fab

Pure masculine power shoots like lightning bolts out of Rob & Fab. Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan recorded this album after they were forced to stop using the name Milli Vanilli.

German producer Frank Farian, also known as “the fifth member of Boney M” packaged Rob & Fab into a band called Milli Vanilli in 1988. Frank already had a band with three real singers but didn’t think they had the looks so he got Rob & Fab in their place to dance their asses off on stage. Rob & Fab had the goods but not much in the way of singing voice. Frank wasn’t shy from using another person’s vocals and concealing the facts. After all he had done it successfully with Boney M.

This would have been a non-issue had not Milli Vanilli received a Grammy in 1990. The infamous problem with lip-sync equipment confirmed what many already suspected — that Milli Vanilli didn’t sing shit.

Not only they didn’t sing but they couldn’t. The Rob & Fab album was recorded after the Grammy debacle and only after they had taken singing lessons.

Rob went back to Germany and died of drug overdose in 1998. Luckily Fab is still around. He is sometimes seen humming along with the radio while driving on L.A. freeways.

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