Halid Beslic record cover for Mostovi tuge

Beautiful eyes

Halid Beslic record cover for Otrov mi dajte

Teeth gaps. The title of the record is “Give Me Posion.”

Halid Beslic and another singer about to kiss

Why don’t they just kiss?

The memory of Halid Beslic will always remain fresh and vivid. He is not dead though, not that I know of anyway. I hardly follow up on former Yugoslav folk music these days.

I know little of his history. I’m sure that there are a thing or two you can dig out on Google. What I do remember is that he was omnipresent on radio and TV. Any time you turned on the TV (and there were only two channels to choose from) Halid was at most ten minutes away.

There was another Halid too. Halid Muslimovic. A competitor with a similar brand name. Since Halid Beslic couldn’t trade mark his name, Halid Muslimovic was a gentleman enough to go by the name of Halid M.

The top record is called “The Bridges of Sorrow” and the other one is called “Poison Me.” Wow, from this you could conclude that his songs were rather sad. I am just baffled by the photo on the cover of “The Bridges.” He’s obviously going to some award ceremony to accept a phony Oscar statue but he is caught sneaking in through the back door by the chicken wire. It’s all just very confusing.


Halid’s biggest hit was a great song “Necu dijamante” (“I Don’t Want Any Diamonds”) above. In it he refuses gold and precious stones offered by fairies and requests that his beloved lady answer to his cry of love. One part goes like this:

Da kraj mene vile stoje
Suho zlato da mi broje

If fairies came around
Pure gold would abound

This gypsy kid Elvir (what a character he was) I went to school with used to sing this song his own way:

Na kraj mene bule stoje
Suhu kitu da mi doje

If fairies came around
My dry dick to suck down

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