Riding for Christ

Gene Ewing record cover

Riding a phony pony

Gene Ewing record cover backside on a horse

Raise your hand if you believe in Him

Gene Ewing record inside

Actor like Gene Autry

Gene Ewing is the poor man’s Gene Autry. He is also a singing preacher, and a good ol’ renegade boy who sings to and about prisoners.

Always on sale, the $8.99 price is not a sticker but a permanently printed part of the cover strategically placed where the horse’s ramrod would normally hang. Just so you know, it’s fake horse too.

The back lists a weird mixture of Christian and personal songs like Momma Tried, Silver Haired Daddy of Mine, I am a seeker.

If I listen to any of these songs I’ll be back to update the page. For now I’m lazy to play this record.

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