Biore off my Nose



Biore strip covered with blackheads in high detail.

Click to enlarge blackhead forest

Biore strip closeup. It's a forest of blackheads.

Biore detail

Before Biore strips became available I had to apply brute force to squeeze the impurities out of my pores. The trick usually works on the nose and parts of the cheeks close to the nose. You pinch the skin between thumb and index finger and squeeze very hard.

There is a certain amount of satisfaction seeing the wormy substance wiggle out of the pores. However, Biore are heaven sent although their action is entirely concealed behind the strip itself. I have no idea how Biore actually do what they do. OK, you don’t have to be a brain sturgeon to understand that there is some kind of glue that’s activated by moisture. But how does the glue pull all this stuff out without breaking it? It is a pure genius that’s behind this invention.

Pictured is a Biore strip removed from my nose a week ago. I don’t do it very often. At most every three to four months. Sadly the amount of blackheads is not satisfying as it once was but still it’s a little forest of nasty stuff. This is as close as my lens will get. Check out the high-rez picture.

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