The Serbian Underwear Shirt

Make a tank top from old underwear

Tough measures for tough times. When the unemployment reaches 10% it’s time to make a tank top from an old pair of tidy whities.  How about that strategically placed hole? Is that so she can pass the nipple through for her newborn?

In case this cyrillic writing is all Greek to you I’ll translate the captions:


  1. You’ve worn this pair of underwear for years. They are worn out but it’d be a pity to throw them out.
  2. Old underwear can be quite useful. Here’s how: take a pair of scissors and remove the inner section between the leg holes.
  3. When finished you’ll end up with a neat, short shirt.
  4. If you don’t believe me, look at how well this shirt fits me.

Hey, what happened to her head?

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