Hairy Legs and All

Record cover for hairy legs Savetoa Jovanovic single Lazno je sve sto je tvoje

Baba is a hairy man himself. He should not be criticizing hairy women. Feminazis fire away but there is something especially repulsive about leg hair pushed down by stockings. Baba has seen too much of that at his rural high school back in the old country.

No respectable man should touch this broad with a six foot pole.

Why is Baba judging Saveta by her hairy legs instead of her singing? She can have a voice of an angel but all Baba can see is matted fur pinned down by eastern European tights.

The record was released by Belgrade Radio and TV. The title is nice, a bit hard to convey in English. It’s something like “All You Have is Worthless” or “You’re in a Web of Lies.”

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