Mitt Romney’s Funniest Yet

Political satire has once again caused an ironic stir in the world of social media. His name is Mittformer. The Mitt Romney doppelganger has a funny 1980s action figure parody election spoof commercial on YouTube.

Mittformer, a Mitt Romney “action figure” who sports a Facebook page and Twitter account, tweets and posts in a deadpan style that puts Romney’s widely reported flip-flopping on key issues front and center. In a recent post, Mittformer said, “Although I am staunchly against Berkeley’s decision to officially recognize bisexuality, I do understand the inability to choose a side and stick with it.”

Posts like this and tweets like “Obama is most divisive president in history. And that goes doubly for those freeloading 47% percent of mooching public” have raised a number of angry responses from both lay and established conservative social media users and bloggers that actually forced the Mittformer Facebook page to be temporarily taken down.

Is Mittformer a real toy? Who cares, but I’d love to see one in stores.

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