Gypsy Mulet

Milos Bojanic and Serbian mulet

The canary in men’s clothing.

What a nasty looking outfit. Yellow sweater and a bolo tie, we’re talking about some serious thrift store shopping. But give the man a break. This is a period piece. Actually, Milos Bojanic has updated his wardrobe. You can see him on You Tube singing a pretty good Bollywood rip off.


What really attracts me to this record cover is the artist’s pose. Some of the older readers from the former Yugoslavia will remember the act of “trzanje” or “jolting.” The way Milos is finger combing his hair is akin to the final step of jolting.

Let me explain. Like in lovemaking, you need at least two for jolting. Typically it is done by a bully who wants to demonstrate his dominance over a weaker boy. The bully will corner the helpless boy within an arm’s reach or closer. He will then jolt his body and an arm as if attempting to punch the boy. He will then retract the arm in split second and caress his own head, much like Milos Bojanic does. No physical contact between the kids will ever ensue.

Jolting is just a male show of strength. Why did they think it was appropriate for a record cover photograph? Who knows. But that mullet sure looks sweet.

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