Poison for Women

Old guy playing accordion to hot girls

Born to seduce – Borislav Zoric Licanin

Licanin is the pied piper of accordion. When his fingers work the keys leggie women flock to him. Not just any women but those in bathing suits under 24 years of age. How does this self proclaimed “mood meister” do it? It must be the lyrics.
From left to right the captions read:

  • I was born to seduce girls
  • Young maid wants to get laid
  • Pretty women a font of my youth
  • I am poison for women

The list of masculine accomplishments goes on the back cover but you get the picture. None of this is unique to Serbian men who are known for their virility. What is particularly interesting about Licanin is that when his country needed him most he volunteered his talents in the interest of the greater good. He has written some memorable songs in the nineties celebrating all things Serbian.

Freely we walk about
What Slobo* says we don’t doubt
Oh Serbia of St. Sava land
Saved by Slobo’s hand
He’s praised by a Serbian youth
Uniter of holy land ’tis the truth
Svud slobodno mi idemo,
Slobo rece da mi smemo.
Oj Srbijo od Svetoga Save,
Slobo spasi nase glave,
slavi ga i srpsko dijete,
ujedinitelja zemlje svete.

*Serbian and Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic who died in prison awaiting trial at the UN’s International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

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