Peasant Nightingales

Kalesijski slavuji i njine frizure

The Three Musketeers

The most awesome bowl cut

$7 haircut

spelling errors in Serbocroatian

More spelling mistakes per square inch than in an eight-year-old’s homework

This week we’re going back to Bosnia courtesy of Kalesijski Slavuji (Kalesija’s Nightingales). Kalesija is not a woman. It’s a town in Bosnia, not far from the spring of the masculine water discussed several weeks ago.

I always pictured Kalesija as a small mountain village but I was gravely mistaken. Some sort of urban elitism permeated my thinking when I was a kid and imprinted a rural image of Kalesija in my mind. All this was before the Internet of course. Nowadays the city of Kalesija has a pretty sophisticated web page at with lots of pictures and some history of the region online.

An ethnomusicologist told me some years ago that the unique form of music that comes from Kalesija is a product of relative isolation of the region. Left alone from outside influences Kalesija’s style of music is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. It’s rough, fast and the lyrics are witty. It’s something Borat would dance his ass of to.

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