Christian Truth Hurts (My Ears)

John Aschcroft and Bacon sing music about Christian truth.
Ashcroft and a side of Bacon

Did you know that during the George W. Bush administration you could download free Christian music MP3s from the White House? How cool is that!

Another “non-international” record cover. However, the singer on this one is of international stature. The music is by none other than the former Attorney General John Ashcroft. This is an old record called “Truth.”

John Ashcroft is that same guy who lost a senate race to a dead candidate. Bizarre? Well, yes. The voters preferred a candidate who died before the election than a living, breathing former Missouri Governor Ashcroft. Shortly after this he was narrowly confirmed to the post of U.S. Attorney General.

A son of Pentecostal preacher and a life long seeker of truth, Ashcroft saw his role less as a servant of the people and more as a servant of the Almighty. Well, years before he discretely ordered the semi-nude statue of “Spirit of Justice” covered he declared his allegiance to the Lord through a musical tribute.

A man of a pleasant singing voice, Ashcroft recorded great songs like: “Jesus Hold My Hand” and many more. These are fun songs, the way music was meant to be.

Dang, that wasn’t the real White House page but a parody site!

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