Singing Missionary

Kenneth Glover Let Go! Let God!

Sing me to salvation

Kenneth Glover Album

He know people

Kenneth Glover

Call to action

What a clever title “Let go! And let God!” Kenneth Glover captures the essence of being saved with just a few words. No matter how hard I try I can’t quite match it: “Do you see J.C.?” or “Getting’ Down with the Lord.” Kenneth is incomparable in more and mysterious ways.

The singing missionary is anointed by the holly spirit. His penetrating smile radiates joy. A song that leaves his lips has the power to make the strongest men repent and the most vulnerable to open hearts to their savior.

The back cover shows photos of K.G. with a range of Hollywood celebrities. Google has never heard of him. I can’t quite tell if he was a player at some point or was just sneaking into red carpet events to be photographed with celebrities so he could populate the album covers with recognizable faces.

His full contact address and 213 area code phone number are included on the back so I may call him to ask for myself. Meanwhile I’m off to complete my collection of albums by Kenneth Glover as prompted by the caption above.

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