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Let 3 Rado Srbin ide u vojnike

Let3 going back to their roots

Unusual neck tie made of fish.

Fish ties

Let3 are Croatian provocateurs known for beyond-Chilly-Peppers style live performances designed to shock and offend. The title of this single is near sublime: “Gladly will the Serb Enlist (Cunt).”

The similarity between the cover and Rokeri s Moravu is striking and intentional. These Serbian folk costumes are hardly worn by anyone but entertainers nowadays.

It’s worth listening one of their punk tracks on you tube called “Zenu varam” or “I Cheat on My Wife.” The music video is reminiscent of old Emergency Broadcast Network videos but very fresh. It plays with Yugoslav iconography by dissecting vintage military educational films. The films are great but even better when taken out of context and cut fast.

The band is also remarkable for conceptual stunts like their CD called “Unheard.” This disc was sold in stores although it contained nothing recorded. It was entirely blank. This was like combining John Cage and market economy. Another time they recorded a whole album, printed a single copy and refused to sell it. A hard band to work with!

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