The Living Xmas Tree

Jerry Falwell The Living Christmas Tree record cover

Oh take me Lord. Take me before this tree sings.

Jerry Falwell The Living Christmas Tree record cover detail

Gay boy ornaments
Jerry Falwell The Living Christmas Tree record cover,  Christmas MessageJerry Falwell with his family

The Falwells, no crush, no drop, no excessive heat please

Here’s something to lighten your holidays. The baby was born and they erected this nine tier platformed tree to celebrate his coming.

Standing upon the scaffolding is an all-Caucasian merger of the 125-voice strong Old-Time Gospel Hour Choir and the 18-voice Lynchburg Baptist College Chorale. The mega choir is tastefully decorated by 1200 pounds of juniper boughs along with hundreds of electric lights and ornaments. The back cover rightfully proclaims this “a Virginia Spectacular!”

What caught my attention is the opening address by young Jerry Falwell. The record is old. Mr. Falwell was not a Dr. Falwell yet. There is also a rather candid snapshot of his family exchanging Christmas gifts although the print job is so poor that the photo looks like a smudge. I tried to record a sample of Dr. Falwell’s address here but the record is so scratched that I gave up.

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