Attack of the Clones

Yugoslav military music album cover

Attack of the clones

Yugoslav military uniform cap


Yugoslav military uniform cap profile


Where they keep the mold these beautiful soldiers were cast from? They all look the same to me. Maybe that’s how you put platoons together. You shoot one soldier down, another one comes at you and looks exactly the same as the first one. It’s got to crush your mind in more ways than a precision weapon can.

It’s all song and dance for these fine members of Yugoslav armed forces and their hired knee-baring ladies. My military experience was somewhat more sedated. An accordion typically spells party for me. However, during my service I was mostly preoccupied with maintaining the proper hygiene of the lovely soldier hotel where I was residing. It’s hard to dance with a mop and a bucket.

Yes, while these ubermensch clones were busy line dancing with fine females I scrubbed the floors real good. Last I looked on Google Earth, the barracks where I spent the most uneventful year of my life were poked by several deep craters created by NATO’s bunker busters. All that floor waxing work is gone to waste!

“Walk With Us” is the title of this gem. I’m confused as most of the people pictured are not really walking but doing some sloppy rendition of the popular circle dance in which you interlock arms with the persons at either side and let the music carry your feet.

This record is similar to the one I wrote about a while ago. All the music is 101-violin style. You’d have to listen hard to hear an accordion. All the compositions are bland and the lyrics are not very good. The songs are performed by the Entertainment Orchestra of Yugoslav National Army and Men’s Choir of Artistic Ensemble of Yugoslav National Army. There’s a mouthful.

Here’s a few titles for you:

Don’t Blame a Young Soldier
Guard’s Eyes
While the Platoon Sleeps
When a Soldier Walks Though the Town

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