Sensual Salsero Fonzi Cruz

Fonzi Cruz record cover for Sensual y Salsero

Fonzi Cruz the man of mystery

This is one of the better salsa tapes I have in my collection. That alone is not a big achievement considering that I only have one salsa record and a couple of tapes. Fonzi is definitely a major salsero, a star in a musical genre of a limited range.

A musician friend gave me this tape. He wasn’t compelled by the music either. He knows better than that. It was the gentle image of Fonzi draping over his mama’s knees that made him purchase this little gem for me.

The internet is curiously silent about Fonzi Cruz. The tape sleeve also shares very little information. I subjected it to the waterboarding technique and it’s still as silent as a mute monk. There is one lead I did not explore. The tape is distributed by Hispana Import & Export so there you go amateur detectives. Bring me more information about this unique artist.

I love la chica sitting on the conga drum. Skin to skin. So much hair on her head. Those were the days. Caliente! She is pretty fine looking. Fonzi is not bad himself. A sharp dresser. He wishes she’d spread her knees so he could beat his drum.

About a year after I posted this cover I received a message from Carlos of Netherlands. It seems that the Dutch rains have not put out Carlos’ love of salsa. Here is the entire email. Gracias Carlos.

Dear person,
> I’m Carlos and I live in the Netherlands. I’m originally from Spain
> and as a true salsalover should be, I have collected a lot of salsa
> records for about 17 years.
> I’ts very suprising that you wrote about Fonzi Cruz, a very underrated
> and for many latinos unfamous salsa vocalist. I don’t know him so good
> either, but I think recordings he made are very difficult to get.
> Well, I’m lucky to have a CD record of a salsa band called Clase 90
> (J&N Records), in wich Fonzi sings together with Tito Gonzalez. The
> musical director of Clase 90 was the famous Martin Arroyo. The
> recording is from 1991. I’ts tipically the salsa romantica from begin
> 90’s. This record sounds very good and the tracks are very danceable.
> On that record I realized that Fonzi Cruz is a very good vocalist. I
> think that Fonzi Cruz was very popular at that time.
> I found also another a strange LP record from 1989 called Fonzi Cruz y
> su Orquesta Sensacion, in wich he participates with the famous N.Y.
> based pianist Javier Vazquez (this pianist has worked with many Fania
> musicians). This vynil was manufactured in Peru (Victoria Records).
> That’s funny, so I suppose some Peruvian salseros know about him to.
> Here you see, that you are not the only how knows something about
> Fonzi Cruz.

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