Paddy Noonan and the Irish

Paddy Noonan and the Irish Party record cover

Partying with the best

Paddy Noonan and the Irish Party record cover dance photoPaddy Noonan and the Irish Party record cover inside photo

A little late for St. Patrick’s day but here you have it.

Partying with the Irish is like partying with the best in business. This record captures a bit of the vintage partying atmosphere from John Barelycorn. It’s not in Dublin. JB’s is an authentic Irish establishment in New York City.

It’s heavy stuff. When these guys start playing their jigs not a stone is left unturned.

The thing I like the best is that an unsteady child’s hand wrote “Shirley Shit” right on the front of the record cover. I suspect that the damage was created by Shirley’s younger sister. Shirley may have gone out dancing leaving the underage youth behind. Alone at home and armed with a marker, the sister expressed her feelings by permanently defacing Shirley’s favorite record.

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