Braco the Gazer

Braco the Gazer is a Croatian New Age  healer

This isn’t a record cover, but I’m so proud of my Croatian compatriot Braco that I had to write a few words about him.

Braco is a faith healer, but not just any kind of faith healer. This man is a pure genius. He gazes at people. Yes, that’s right, he just stares people down and then miracles start happening. Money transfers to his accounts. I hope he makes a lot of it.

While all other faith healers use some physical shtick to make it look like they work for the money, Braco just stands there doing nothing. Look at the anointed Benny Hinn, he pushes people over. He works up a sweat, but Braco does none of that.

He doesn’t even talk. In fact, he hasn’t spoken in public for over eight years. He just stands there and when the clock strikes twelve he goes back to his hotel room to count the day’s proceeds and plan the next event. God bless this man, would you please?

“Braco” is usually a nickname, but it can also mean “a little brother.” It’s a cute, innocent name fitting a pleasant but not overly attractive man like Braco. Our little bro could easily pass for Fabio’s ugly but clever sibling.

People in the old country came to little bro in droves according to his website. Now he is ready to heal America. Let the Croatian entrepreneur export some gazes while the dollar is still worth something. They are cheap to make and much needed in this injured land.

Braco has setup an office in a generic office building in a Los Angeles suburb and he’s ready for the big time. He is the star gazer, no pun intended, at the Conscious Life Expo. His website lists many more upcoming U.S. tour dates.

I encourage you to go to one of his events. I will try to get my ass down to LAX Hilton to see him. It’s only eight bucks, plus the day pass. Besides, they have other interesting speakers like Bashar who is a multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial being.

I’ve had enough of snake handlers and Pentecostal preachers speaking in tongues. I want to see someone from the old country make a buck. Go Braco!

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