Men’s Camel Toe

Zeljko Bebek wearing tight pants on  album cover for Mene tjera neki vrag

I remember when this style was cool. The hair, the rolled up jacket sleeves, the works. But men’s camel toe was never cool. Not in the eighties, not now.

Look at this dude’s crotch. His gonads are parted by the seam in the pants like ass cheeks in stretch pants. It looks mildly uncomfortable to say the least.

Appropriately, the name of the record translates to something like “The Devil Made Me Do It.” The artist is Zeljko Bebek who was the lead singer for one of the most accomplished Yugoslav bands ever called Bijelo dugme. In the eighties Bebek left the band to start a solo career and if one should judge by the cover if this record, it was a bad move.

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